World Organization of Students & Youth (WOSY) is an international youth body that strives to help humankind in its search for happiness and fulfillment. When all materialist philosophies have failed or proved to be falling short, a new direction towards a better life system has become all the more necessary. WOSY considering this need accelerates the process of search on the basis of unity of mankind. WOSY involves the students and youth in the evolution of a new world order - political, economic, social, technological etc. Therefore, WOSY envisages better international understanding, promotes peace and co-existence, strives to bring youth together for social justice and humanity and mobilizes their opinion against all sorts of discrimination for the cause of healthy environment and fights for just role of students & youth. WOSY is a non-profit, non-political body of the youth, which works through many associate and affiliate organizations of students and youth.

World Organization of Students and Youth, the first international student and youth body with India as headquarters, was launched in Delhi on 29th Oct. 1985, on the occasion of the international Youth Year, declared by United Nations.WOSY an attempt to bring youth on a platform to think and work against the ill effect of unhealthy happenings of the today’s world, when the entire human race is facing the challenges of consumerist materialism, dreaded incurable diseases like AIDS, monster of drug abuse, ethnic and fanatic terrorism, monopolistic economic hegemony of 'developed' nations and senseless exploitation of nature, a voice of sense and of welfare of the humankind is needed as never before

Where all we work: What all we do:
Bangalore | Pune Cultural exchange program
Chandigarh | Delhi Industrial & academic tours
Hyderabad | Jaipur Seminars & conferences
Agra | Mysore Social awareness program
Shimla | Pondicherry Student helpline center
Varannasi | Bhopal
Bhubaneswar | Kathmandu Nepal



Objectives - WOSY has been established to provide a forum for:

The following 6 objectives shall slide one by one

1) International understanding and co-operation with the approach of "World is a Family."
2) Propagating the United Nation's ideals of peace and co- existence.
3) Bringing students and youth of the world together for the promotion of social justice and humanity.
4) Helping the mobility of the students and youth to enable worldwide interaction of culture, information, knowledge and wisdom.
5) Generating students and youth opinion and organizing them for the fight against terrorism, religious fanaticism, apartheid, colonialism, racism, imperialism and oppression of any sort.
6) Propagating humanism and spiritualism which, combined with a scientific outlook may offer a viable philosophy of life for the world.